Dead Pigeons ( Ocells), long walks, and a girl and her dog (gos)

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You know it doesn’t matter what time zone or continent you find yourself in, there’s bound to be a dead bird in the street, idiot drivers and dogs who train their people to follow them. Barcelona is no different, except maybe more birds, more motos (scooters) than cars. People here are passionate about their pets. Hell, Catalans are more passionate about everything! Just sit down to a meal with one. A simple lunch turns into a party (fest) for the senses. The fork, less of a shovel and more of  mode of delicious deliverance.

I’ve meandered off topic. It was my first night back in Barcelona, so of course (es clar) we had to talk a walk through the city. Well, not through. I mean who literally walks through a city. Okay, maybe your serious nomadic traveling types and for sure there is something in the bible about Jesus walking through  places. I’m not a theologian or my brother ( who always seems to know the answer to everything) He should have been on Jeopardy.  Okay, so back to walking in, not through, the city.  The dog, ….why do we say that “the dog” or “the cat”. I mean they have names don’t they? It’s not like we go around saying “the human” Did you have lunch with “the human” this afternoon? Hey human it’s time to go. Imagine  how confusing your address book would be, all the phone numbers would be listed under H for humans. Back to the dog, who yes has a name, Nit (rhymes with sit and means night in Catala) Nit was leading us down street after the next focused on two the things finding the park and how he was going to  ……

I had to pause writing to watch the flies dancing around in circles (no window screens in the apartment)


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