THE ANTS!!! Ants are taking over. The bodies are everywhere.

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I have ants.  Really.  Or do they have me. I didn’t invite them but they moved right in.

I have long suspected that ants are taking over the world. Not at all at once… but they are coming…you know the way one drop of water eventually becomes a flood. Years ago I saw this documentary that scared the crap out of me. IT was about this particular strand of ants ( I don’t remember which ones, names are flooding my brain at once…carpenter.. army…red… big head ..well that one I made up but some of them do have gigantic heads compared to the size of their body)

So these ants were slowing taking over, I mean migrating.. across Texas …across..under…


B movie about the giant ants

my house of ants…

even in my beer ….


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