5 foreign films, a bottle of wine, and half a dozen F-yous

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How do you spell “f-yous” ?? Well I suppose it doesn’t matter when what I really wanted to write was “What the f$%k! That ending sucks!” What is it about foreign films that makes them so intriguing? Well, for me at least. No matter how dry the beginning, how tedious the middle, you assure yourself the ending will bring all the skewed pieces into place and salvage the film or at least validate that the entire hour wasn´t wasted.

So you think to yourself — hmm, maybe a little wine will help…

When you´re lucky, the film turns out to be a masterpiece, the kind that brings you to the brink, every emotion swirling, leaving you to watch every last credit roll across the screen, lingering in your seat, hoping some how to resist the real world a few moments longer, so you can soak up every last picture and bit of music they squeezed in. On the bad days, the ending sucks, your mad as hell that you wasted your time, and want to find the jerk writer, director, actor (fill in the blank) who strung you along then left you sitting there with your mouth open cussing at the crap ending.

Maybe for you it’s not a problem because you are already know the endings will piss you off so you are quite content to watch ¨survivor something¨, ¨somebody´s got talent¨, “Housewives of Hootersville¨ or whatever city sensation is cool at the time. You’re guaranteed that before thirty minutes is up one of them will be calling the other one a slut because she looked at her man, slept with her son, daughter or got caught trash talkin. If you´re insulted, my apologies. But reality is … ha… reality is reality is no longer reality when it is being filmed for people to later watch on television. C´mon we act different when the video camera is on. Some of us get stupid (me) some get shy and others go full on Bridgett Bardot striking a pose! Yes I realize that reality is, 50% of the population has no idea who that is.

You know life sucks often enough in the real world.Do we really need our TV for more?

So back to foreign films, my go to entertainment on every international flight. There is something about the intensity it requires to read the subtitles, interpret the context of the actors tone all the while keeping pace with what is developing visually. In my A.D.D. brain, the multitasking is comforting. It becomes even more interesting when there are no subtitles to comfort you. You can watch an entire film, knowing with all certainty thats its a comedy  only to find out later that it was


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