Barcelona Adventures


Barcelona like many cities is so much more than you see in the typical tourist snapshots. IF you go spend some real time, soaking it in, let the culture permeate your senses. If you feel obligated to see the La Sagrada Familia, or the cathedral …. do, they are indeed wonderous places…

The rest of the time I want to keep simple honestly, and enjoy just being home together, cooking, cuddling on the sofa, enjoying dinar on the terat (rooftop), etc. We will do some small adventures and walkabouts on the weekend, but very low key. While my love is working, I take Nit to the local mountain trail and have a nice little walk, then sit in some shady spot of her choosing and write. Other times I ride my little push scooter around the city or hop on the metro (subway) going wherever my curiosity takes me, eventually ending up in a little cafe for a Clara (Moritz beer with lemon) or a cafe amb lit (american coffee). Somedays I just spend the afternoon at the apartment, all the windows open, welcoming the breeze that blows through the city from the sea along with the wayward seagulls, cooking up a little something I bought at the market, writing when inspiration comes, or reading a good book. (right now I am reading Anna Mustoe´s A Bike Ride: 12,000 miles around the world.)