Airports & Airplanes

So we all know to hit the check-in counter and have our I.D. or passport ready. Most of us are savy enough to put some kind of personal touch (neon smiley faces, animal prints, team logos, muli-colored ribbons, and other metallic swag) on our luggage ID tags so its easy to find as spins around the baggage carousel.

However the golden-age of aviation is long gone, reality is flying these days can be a nightmare. Customer service comes at a cost, most of us cannot afford so save your sanity and do a little homework.

save your sanity and do a little homework.

Things to consider:

  • where and how to find accurate information
  • friends to make -yes you can make friends at an airport
  • pick a suitcase that can withstand being smashed, dropped, run over and drug across the tarmac (there´s a reason all those bags are black)
  • Do you really need everything you crammed in your suitcase
  • safety tips and protecting your valuables
  • using long layovers as travel opportunities
  • how late is too late, why the early bird is brilliant
  • essential air travel attire-comfortable & adaptable
  • alternative airports and the best times to book
  • is insurance worth it (what does it actually cover)
  • online travel sites aren´t the deal you think they are – buying cheap actually costs you more
  • fake reviews
  • which luxuries should you make a necessity
  • essential items for your carry on
  • where and what to eat and the food you should bring along
  • the best places to take a nap and how to camp out at the airport.